So, what can we expect from Deadpool’s solo movie? Well, Rick Marshall over at MTV’s Splash Page sat down with co-creator Rob Liefeld to discuss the good (Ryan Reynolds), the bad (embedded katanas), and the ugly (optic blasts) of the Merc-with-a-mouth’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine debut.

In Deadpool’s solo debut Liefeld guesses, “We’ll have an adventure with him in the present tense, dressed in his costume, probably breaking the fourth wall, with some kick-ass action. A past love story, a past spy story, his own story of vengeance — when he said [in Wolverine] that ‘I brought swords to my girlfriend’s wedding,’ there’s something there.”

It’s too early for concrete answers but Liefeld is certainly right when he says, “the world [especially Deadpool and X-Men fans] will freak out if they get the Deadpool movie that’s true to his character.”

Check out the full aticle at MTV’s Splash Page: What Will A Deadpool Solo Movie Invlove? Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Shares His Thoughts by Rick Marshall

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